Seven Clubs Entertainment, Inc. (SCE) is an independent motion picture/distribution community created in the same spirt as United Artists, New World Pictures, Warner Brothers, and Walt Disney studios.  The company bridges old business models with the new models, to build a profitable media empire.

Initially formed in 2014 as a sole proprietorship by Ms. Raquel Deloatch, in 2016 SCE was transformed into a limited liability company (LLC).  In 2019 Ms. Deloatch converted Seven Clubs Entertainment into a corporation.

SCE will mentor and provide independent filmmakers (writers, director, producers, director of photography, and crew) the opportunity to have their projects not only financed and distributed, but to own a financial stake in the motion pictures.  Our business model will reflect the company approach to film production and distribution.  SCE will distribute all films produced under our banner in theaters and partner with other ancillary or VOD platforms domestically and internationally




Ms. Deloatch is a self-starter entrepreneur who formerly owned Star Auto Imports, a used
car dealership in Murfreesboro, NC. In addition, Ms. Deloatch has held real estate licenses
in New York and California along with insurance licenses in California and North Carolina.
Wanting to pursue her passion, Ms. Deloatch turned her sights on the film industry.
She freelances as a line producer preparing budgets and motion picture script breakdowns.
In 2014 she wrote, financed, produced, directed, and edited her feature, Black Songbird,
which is currently in post-production and stars Jenquie Bennet, Antwan Mclaurin, Brynn
Mosley, and Felica White. It is expected to open in theaters in 2019.

SCE is currently seeking co-production and production opportunities for 2019.